Local Contractors

There are many local contractors who provide services related to forestry, home construction and improvements, landscaping and other wildfire mitigation activities. Eagle County, the Vail Board of REALTORS®, or any agents acting on behalf of the REALFire program cannot endorse any contractors but provide this information as a courtesy. We encourage you to contact multiple contractors when seeking bids.

List of local wildfire consultants | Download list of consultants

Educational Materials

  • The REALFire program provides educational materials for potential home seller and buyers available on the Vail Board of REALTORS®
  • Eagle County maintains a wildfire hazard map and other information for residents.
  • Learn more about your home ignition zone, which includes your home and surrounding property (sometimes referred to as “defensible space”), and start reducing your wildfire risk today!

RealFire Well Prepared Home Ignition Zone

Grants and Funding

A variety of grants and funding assistance is available through the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) to help individuals, landowners, community groups and others.

Visit the CSFS website for more information on assistance programs and grants, including an income tax subtraction for up to $2,500 for qualifying landowners who perform work on property located in a wildland-urban interface area.