Local Contractors

There are many local contractors who provide services related to forestry, home construction and retrofits, landscaping, and other wildfire mitigation activities. Eagle County, the Vail Board of REALTORS®, Community Wildfire Planning Center, or any agents acting on behalf of the REALFire® program cannot endorse any contractors but provide this information as a courtesy. We encourage you to contact multiple contractors when seeking bids.

Educational Materials

The REALFire® program provides educational materials uniquely developed for potential home buyers, home sellers, and REALTORS®. Resources include:

Eagle County also maintains a wildfire hazard map and provides other information about the county’s regulatory requirements for wildfire.

Grants and Funding

The Colorado State Forest Service maintains a list of grants and funding opportunities to help individuals, landowners, and community groups implement wildfire mitigation projects. Visit their Grants & Funding Assistance website for more information.