Wildfire risk is par for the course in Basalt and El Jebel

Eric Lovgren has became one of the most popular people in the Roaring Fork Valley this month.

The Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator’s advice on how homeowners can shore up their property to make it less susceptible to wildfire is suddenly in high demand because of the Lake Christine Fire.

“When smoke’s in the air,” Lovgren said, “that’s the best time to get people’s attention.”

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Wildfire risk is par for the course in Basalt and El Jebel

Wildfire Season Is Now A Rubik’s Cube Of Homeowner Action, Insurance Concerns

Colorado Public Radio recently aired a story on the upcoming wildfire season, highlighting the importance of property assessments such as REALFire and Wildfire Partners. Click here to listen to or read the full story:
Wildfire Season Is Now A Rubik’s Cube Of Homeowner Action, Insurance Concerns

May is Wildfire Awareness Month!

This summer’s Vail Home Magazine features an update from VBR on Wildfire Awareness Month, with a spotlight on the REALFire program and the value of defensible space. Read the full article here:
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Wildfire in Brett Trail Neighborhood Serves as Mitigation Reminder

A recent wildfire in Eagle County that burned near homes in the Brett Trail neighborhood reminds us of the importance of wildfire mitigation. Homes were built under the county’s wildfire building regulations and maintained “defensible space” on their properties. Read more about the blaze and what fire professionals anticipate for the coming fire season.

Firefighters mop up around the edges of their treatment area following the recent wildfire in Eagle County (April 2018). Image courtesy of Eagle County.

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Gutzler Fire Burning in Eagle County: Is Your Home Prepared?

Eric Lovgren, Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator for Eagle County, made an appearance on Good Morning Vail to discuss community concerns over the 974-acre Gutzler Fire. The fire is currently burning in the White River National Forest, 13 miles southwest of Kremmling. Eric highlighted the need for homeowners to prepare for fire season by creating and maintaining defensible space, which improves the chances of a home’s survival during a wildfire event. An easy and free way for homeowners to initiate their defensible space work is by contacting the REALFire program! Watch this quick video to learn more about what you can do to prepare for fire season.

Homeowners’ Mitigation Helps Saves Homes

Boulder County’s Wildfire Partners mitigation program was put to the test during the recent Cold Springs Fire near Nederland. The program, similar to REALFire, encourages homeowners to take action on their property and earn a mitigation certificate. Thanks to a combination of homeowners’ hard work and fire fighter response, all eight Wildfire Partners homes within the burn perimeter survived intact. Read more about mitigation testimonials on the Wildfire Partners website. http://www.wildfirepartners.org/wildfire-mitigation-helps-save-homes-cold-springs-fire/

Red Table Fire Reminder of Local Wildfire Risk

A 20 acre fire near Sylvan Lake State Park served as a reminder that wildfire is a constant risk throughout Eagle County during hot summer months. Crews acted quickly to contain the Red Table Fire, thanks to local cooperation among agencies. Read more about the fire from the Vail Daily. http://www.vaildaily.com/news/22944761-113/aggressive-response-holds-red-table-fire-to-20

REALFire Program Launches in Eagle County

The REALFire program officially launches in Eagle County! Residents can now take more steps on their property to reduce the risk of wildfire. This new voluntary program is currently funded and managed by Eagle County and the Vail Board of REALTORS, in collaboration with local fire protection districts. Read more about the program launch and history from the Vail Daily. http://www.vaildaily.com/news/eaglevalley/22904335-113/new-program-helps-minimize-wildfire-risk

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